Indiana Large Scale Railroaders is a group of enthusiasts, modelers and collectors who enjoy large scale model trains. The club was formed in 1989 as “The Indiana Big Train Engineers”.  Now called the “Indiana Large Scale Railroaders”, the club today has around 80 members located primarily, but not exclusively, in Indiana. Click on items under the “About” menu in the banner above to learn more.

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Need – Aristo Train Engineer ART-5471 or ???


November 30, 2014 – I am sad to report that the test of my all new layout wiring has resulted in a toasted Aristocraft Train Engineer ART-5471 27 MHz receiver. I purchased it several years ago from Jeff Carter and it worked fine with my temporary wiring. A short in the new wiring caused it to stop functioning and got a transistor hot enough to raise a blister, as I learned the hard way. Does anyone have an old ART-5471 or other compatible receiver? Or any other suggestion (like don’t touch a hot transistor)? I think there are other 27 MHz Aristo/Crest receivers that are compatible with the early 2 channel 27 MHz transmitters like mine. Anyone? By the way, the good news is the rest of the wiring works fine; I found the short.

Thanks, David Palmeter
Noblesville 317-770-4919

Monster ILSR Modular Layout


November 3, 2014 – Hot off the cyberthingie, PICTURES and a VIDEO from the November 1&2, 2014 Dayton, Ohio National Model Railroad Association Train Show.

HELP! Modular Group Request

November 3, 2014 – After a very successful Modular Group Show at the November, 2014 Dayton, Ohio Train Show, the Group is very anxious to get started on building the new Modular Layout 2.0. The plan is to expand the number of modules and to have the Group build all those future modules to a common and compatible theme. In that regard, James has issued this request:

To all Indiana Large Scale Railroaders,

The Modular Group needs your help. We are in process of expanding the club layout. We need donations of anything anyone has that you feel you could part with for the cause. We can especially use track, switches and crossovers.  All donations would be greatly appreciated. We will use what we can for the layout and put non-usable items on eBay to buy other items we need. Plus I am still looking for serious members who want to get involved in the Modular layout.


ILSR Newsletter for November/December

October 29, 2014 – The Indiana Large Scale Railroaders November/December 2014 Newsletter is posted HERE. Bud has his usual array of great articles, including one close to my heart, a fall train trip up the New River gorge over the old C&O tracks. Thanks for the memories, Bud!

Maintenance of Way Suggestion

October 24, 2014 – Having trouble with your MOW gang just standing around watching one guy work? How about a  worker who will maintain your right-of-way for just a meal?