Indiana Large Scale Railroaders is a group of enthusiasts, modelers and collectors who enjoy large scale model trains. The club was formed in 1989 as “The Indiana Big Train Engineers”.  Now called the “Indiana Large Scale Railroaders”, the club today has around 80 members located primarily, but not exclusively, in Indiana. Click on items under the “About” menu in the banner above to learn more.

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Super G Scale Bargains (Now with Photos!)


June 30, 2014 -


Thank you for the link to your ILSR Newsletter, I checked it out and I thank you for your excellent posting of what I have for sale. There are no garden railroads in my area so I have no hope of selling it here. I thought the total price was such a good deal that it would have all sold by now.

Thank you for your consideration and help,

David Sulewski
Ludington, MI

August ILSR Club Event


June 30, 2014 – NO SKILL REQUIRED!! Our Club’s annual Club Picnic will be Saturday, August 16, 2014. Off we go exploring some old train sites, and along the way, there will be 4 “scenic” stops. At each stop you will receive a playing card. There will be prizes for the best poker hands when we arrive at our “secret” destination. The picnic will be a pitch-in, but meat will be provided by the Club. Further details as August draws closer. J.B.

ILSR July/August 2014 Newsletter Posted


June 30, 2014 – Bud has produced yet another excellent Newsletter. The July/August 2014 issue is in full color HERE.

Upland Modular Show Report

2013-06-08 09.16.18w

June 15, 2014 – Thank you to everyone who was able to help make this show a success. We had a great crowd and lots of compliments. I am beginning to recognize some of the locals that come around every year and several of them thanked us for being there. For some it seems to be the highlight of the festival.

One older lady I was talking to asked if we had anything running in CSX and all I had was a hopper car. I promised her that we would have a CSX locomotive running next year. She told me she has a relative she sends pictures to of CSX. Once again thanks a bunch and hope to see as many of you as possible at the church set up in July.

- James Driesbach -

Sad News from Uno

Submitted on 2014/06/10 at 5:28 pm - You can add me to “The Gardens We Have Lost”. During the past few weeks I have totally dismantled my layout and we are in the process of returning that area to a small flower garden. The train layout was too much for me to maintain and this took the fun out of it. Uno Magnuson