2008 Four Club Bus Tour

On a rotating basis, four large scale railroad clubs from Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, Ohio alternate with the Indiana Large Scale Railroaders on a Layout Bus Tour. This event requires input from many who have attended similar tours.  It takes a donation of free time from many to attend planning meetings and for leadership to recruit the many volunteers, prepare routes and timetables, organize the luncheon, make crossbucks, signs and brochures, learn the routes, distribute water and supplies and the like. 

Finally, it took 5 railroad families most of the Spring to rebuild roadbeds, improve trackage, plant flowers, trim bushes, and spruce up gardens and yards.  In the end, it was a great group effort.  We welcomed our guests from Ohio with smiles and provided a luncheon that allowed fellowship and friendships to form. They had five truly unique and extremely well prepared railroads to visit.  They were escorted by our conductors with care, wit and timing that would make a real railroader take notice.  I think when our guests left for home they did so with a new appreciation for our Club.  All of the ILSR members felt good about a job well done. - Paraphrased from President Andy Chester

After a long bus ride, it is only fitting that our visitors take a break for lunch and a chance to find out the schedule for the day. As it turned out, it also was just enough time for some morning showers to stop and the sun to come out:

Jeff Carter Photo

After greetings, lunch and instructions, the buses were loaded and the tours began. Click on the links below to see some great pictures of five of the ILSR's spectacular garden railroads at their finest during the July 12, 2008 Tour:

J.A.M.A. Railroad - Rex and Nancy Bowman

The Rose Rock and Crystal City Railroad - Lynn & Joanne Denison

The Bayley Circle Railroad - Paul and Janet George

Rio Grande Railroad - Bud And Nancy Hunter

Grand Teton Railroad - Ron and Annette Loudermilk

One of the clubs on the tour, The Miami Valley Garden Railway Society, also has some great photos of the tour on their excellent web site. Click HERE to see them.

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