2012 Four Club Tour

July 14, 2012 – On a rotating basis, four large scale model railroad clubs, three from Ohio: Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, along with the Indiana Large Scale Railroaders, alternate hosting an annual Layout Tour. Also, for 2012, our friends from the Illiana Garden Railway Society in Valparaiso have been invited to join us. This event requires members willing to attend planning meetings and to recruit the many other volunteers, prepare routes and timetables, organize a lunch, make crossbucks, signs and brochures, learn the routes and ride with our visitors on their bus to tell them about the layouts and other railroad places they will see.

And, of course, a lot of work goes into our five, never before on the Tour, display railroads. The four garden railroad owners will spend a lot of time rebuilding roadbeds, improving track, working on locomotives and rolling stock, testing wiring, planting flowers, trimming bushes and generally attending to the many items it takes to put an outdoor railroad it top running shape. Additionally, for the first time, our Module Group is preparing some of our modules for a running display in the same building with our lunch. 

Finally, another new event is an Indiana Transportation Museum train shuttle ride from downtown Noblesville to the Forest Park trailhead, a few short yards walk to one of our Tour layouts. The train will take the Tour folks back to the Museum for a short tour then board their bus to the next layout.

Overall we think, with a lot of dedicated workers from ILSR, it will be an experience to remember.

July 17, 2012 – The club did indeed do a spectacular job. With a lot of hard work by a large number of members, we pulled off one of the most challenging Four Club Tours ever! Photos HERE.

August 9, 2012 – For future planning, some notes for the 2016 crew are HERE.

August 22, 2012 – From the Dayton, Ohio area, some coverage in the Miami Valley Garden Railway Society newsletter; a comment by the President, Jerry Humston and an excellent article by Wil Davis. Linked by permission of Jerry Humston.

2012 Four Club Tour Current information

Overall Tour Schedule – July 8, 2012 Update

Maps – :

A – Getting to the Church on Time
(or How to Avoid Construction Traps)

July 4, 2012

Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus Inbound Trip Advice

Valparaiso Inbound Trip Advice

B – Complete Tour Route Instructions

– Bus #1 – Dayton – July 1, 2012 Use map only

– Bus #1 – Dayton – July 10, 2012 Directions Update (Use map above)

– Bus #2 – Cincinnati – July 1, 2012 Use map only

– Bus #2 – Cincinnati – July 10, 2012 Directions Update (Use map above)

– Bus #3 – Columbus – July 1, 2012 Use map only

– Bus #3 – Columbus – July 10, 2012 Directions Update (Use map above)

– Bus #4 – Valparaiso – July 1, 2012 Use map only

– Bus #4 – Valpariaso – July 10, 2012 Directions Update (Use map above)

Member Tour Special Instructions – June 7, 2012

Important Noblesville Parking Restrictions – June 7, 2012

 Reference Information

Reservations Form – June 12, 2012 Update

Individual Tour Schedules for Each Bus – June 29, 2012 Update

Bus Guide Instructions – June 29, 2012 Update

Train Ride Guide Instructions

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