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January 8, 9 Fairgrounds Train ShowThe ILSR Modular Layout will be located about middle of the way down the north wall. The truck will be there around noon, Friday the 7th. I need to know how many modules will be there. I know Randy will be around but not his modules. Both of mine will be there. See you noon Friday. – Mel Turner
(Posted 12-31-2010)

Seasonal Railroads – Members – Dan and Zach Perrott have a "Train Around the Christmas Tree Gone Wild". You just gotta see it here. (Posted 12-23-2010)

You can also see other member's seasonal trains here.
(Posted 12-21-2010)

Seasonal Public Railroads – Part 2 – Another unusual location for a public Christmas railroad is the Chamber of Commerce building in downtown Indianapolis. There is a G Scale train layout running there. The pix are here.
(Posted 12-20-2010)

Seasonal Public Railroads – In the Navigation bar near the top of the left column on this page, you may note a generally unheralded addition in recent weeks called "Indy Layouts". The heralding of that section has been low key due to the lack of photographic enhancement. Today I began the project to correct that problem with a photo shoot at the unlikely location of Sullivan Hardware on Keystone Avenue. The amazing results are here.
(Posted 12-17-2010)

A Really Big Winter Project – Dave Beck is making a major expansion of his indoor layout. Check out progress as of Nov 20 here.
(Posted 12-8-2010)

Winter Project – The webmaster does build models, also. This little guy didn't take much talent to build, but I am really proud of my first real weathering job.
(David 12-6-2010)

Meet Our New Members – John, Amy and Erik Horter of Carmel. John found out about the club at Watts and came to the Brock open house in August where many of us met John and young son Erik. Welcome, hope to see you all at future events.
(Posted 11-24-2010)

"Mushmore" – When his mom told the 2-yr-old boy that he was looking at a replica of Mount Rushmore, he replied, "Mushmore". Therefore, those of us volunteering today renamed the exhibit "Mushmore". Be sure to check out this and many other amazing scenes at Jingle Rails with your family.
David Palmeter 11-24-2010

Dues Time
Don't miss the train! Keep the excellent ILSR Newsletter coming and be sure that you are included in all our 2011 activities.

Send your $20 (or multiples for more years) to Marion, his address is at the bottom of the "Contact or Join" page.
(Posted 11-22-2010)

Password Problems A couple of members told me at the Watts meeting that you were having password problems. I have checked one but can't find the name and information for the other.

 Please send me your info on the "Contact or Join" sheet and I will try to help.
David Palmeter 11-18-2010

Watts Open House – The very popular ILSR Open House at Watts Train Shop  was Saturday October 30, 2010. Dave Watts and Ross Buttrum staged a very interesting locomotive pulling event. Pix and videos and full test results posted here. (Updated 11-15-2010)

ILSR Newsletter Online –  The excellent ILSR Nov/Dec 2010 Newsletter has been posted in the Member Pages. It is particularly spectacular in full color!  (Posted 11-6-2010)

New Font –  For some reason, I am having trouble getting fonts to display correctly so have attempted to switch to Century Schoolbook font. Is it working for you?  (Updated 11-3-2010)

Your Chance for Fame – 
From: Don and Joyce Parker [mailto:djparker@oberlin.net]
Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2010 9:09 PM
To: david@palmeter.com Subject: Christmas display


I'm looking for individuals (not clubs or public venues) that fix their garden railroads up for the Christmas season with decorations, lights, or etc.  I want to compile some of these in an article in my Miniscaping column in Garden Railways (Editors note – Dave Beck was told that the article is for the December, 2011 issue of GR).  If you have any members who do this, and would be willing to send me photos of their work, I'd appreciate it very much.


Don Parker

The FTRR Power Shortage – Thanks to Darrell and Jeff for responding to the FTRR need for a remote controlled power supply. (Updated 10-30-2010)

Former Member's Collection For Sale –  ILSR member Dave Beck (317-877-2833) now has the late David Dippel's G Scale train collection that Karen  Dippel has asked the club for help in selling. Click here for details.  (Updated 10-10-2010)

Board Meeting Notes –  The ILSR Board met Tuesday September 28, 2010. The Calendar over on the left side of this page has been updated with new items from that meeting.  (Posted 10-3-2010)

Modular Show –  The ILSR modular layout was operating at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Sat Oct 9 & Sun Oct 10, 2010. Check for pix of some of the updated modules here. (Updated 10-11-2010)

Multi-Club Tour –  A great get together and tour of some excellent layouts. Pix of the Sept 11 tour are here(Updated 9-13-2010)

New Member  –  Please welcome James Davis to the Indiana Large Scale Railroaders. He lives in Linden, IN and has an indoor railroad. Hope to see you at an upcoming event, James.  (Posted 8-30-2010)

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