Randy and Jacquie Banks Open House

September 22, 2012 – Since Randy and Jacquie Banks had spent a long hot summer preparing their railroad for the 2012 Four Club Tour, they decided to invite the club for an open house so that those who were working the Tour could see what they had done. The new sights included a "Depot' storage shed, a revised track layout to allow running 4 trains at a time and lots of landscape and trestle upgrades, among many other projects. Photos HERE.

Club Annual Picnic via the Pizza Train

September 21, 2012 – Great turnout for the ITM Pizza Train/Club Picnic! Many thanks to Lance Brock for the idea and the execution. After all the work he did to be a big part of the Four Club Tour, he and his helpers turned right around and organized one of our most successful club events in recent times. We had 41 members and guests and 8 future G-Scalers. UPDATE: The pictures are posted HERE.

September/October 2012 ILSR Newsletter Now Online

September 1, 2012 – NOTE – NOTE – NOTE – The front page headline date shown for the ILSR annual meeting at Watts Train Shop is not correct. The correct date, Saturday October 27, 2012, is shown on the last page 'Club Calendar'.

I am sure everyone enjoyed the full color coverage of the '2012 Four Club Tour' in your printed copy you should have received by now. Bud did an outstanding job with the photography, as usual! The online copy is HERE.