1. If you haven’t paid your dues for this year, they are OVER DUE. Your April newsletter will be the last issue!!!
  2. For various reasons, the Board decided to cut back the Newsletter to quarterly… therefore, the next newsletter will be April 2016, and other methods of  communication  will be utilized. The newsletter will always have more detail than the webpage, so you will need to check the webpage more frequently.
  3. We are looking for open house sponsors for summer touring. Please step up and volunteer, as this is your club! Along those lines, Bud Hunter /Rex Bowman will have an open house on June 18.
  4. As , usual please feel free to email any officer, with suggestions and comments.
  5. We are looking for a permanent  webmaster, so if you are interested or know of someone willing to assume this responsibility, please let the President James Driesbach know.

ILSR Board Meeting

The ILSR Board will meet on February 13th, 10 AM -12 noon  at the Bob Evans at 10580 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, 46236. If you have anything you want discussed please forward to James Driesbach, Pres.