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April 24 – Hoosier State Day Trip to Chicago

FYI:  James and Phil will both be in Indianapolis at 5:00 AM to meet members and they will also pick up some members in Crawfordsville, if you desire to catch the train at another location…
 Our VP,  Phil Streby, will be escorting the group on the “Hoosier State” day trip to Chicago.  He is planning on breakfast on the morning train and dinner on the evening train.  After arrival in Chicago (about 10 AM), you can either board a CTA bus to Michigan Avenue, or you can walk the mile and then take Bus #10 to the Museum of Science and Industry.   Bus fare is $2.00 each way, and transfers are $0.25.  Trip to museum will take about 35-45 minutes.  We will need to be back at Union Station no later than 5:15 PM to be ready for 5:45 departure. There is only one train; if we miss it , we Greyhound back to INDY.
Please NOTE: each individual (family) must make their own reservations with AMTRAK  :
You can catch the train at any stop along the way, as the group is NOT making any plans for a particular station stop!!!
Below are additional webpages for your review of the days activities:
Museum of Science and Industry:
Chicago Transit Authority:

2016 Spring Quarterly Newsletter

March 16, 2016 – The Indiana Large Scale Railroaders April/May/June 2016 Newsletter is posted HERE. Bud has his usual array of great articles, but please note that the NEWSLETTER is now published quarterly…