2012 Four Club Tour Pictures

July 14, 2012

Hosted by the Indiana Large Scale Railroaders Club

Above – A first for the Four Club Tours – our ILSR Modular Group set up a very nice display in the narthex of our headquarters, the Christ's Community Church of Fishers, Indiana.

Above – James sets up the working drive-in theatre. An original 'Three Stooges' movie was playing.

Above – Brandon and the box car that James personalized for him.

Above – Waiting for the train in downtown Noblesville, Indiana.

Above – And here it is, right on time!

Above – At the other end of the line, a jogger waits (impatiently) for the last passengers to disembark. She requested, and was granted, permission to jog right through the train. It did move off the trail until time to reload.

Above – A 100 feet down the trail is Lance and Vickie's layout. The new loop added this year is shown in the foreground.

Above – Randy and Jacquie added a new depot and new loops of track so that they could run more trains.

Above – 'When pigs fly….' They also did a lot of trestle repair and modification along with some serious garden work.

Above – The custom painted ILSR trolley (see page 4) did actually climb the mountain and return through the magic of electronics in Jeff's front yard.

Above – Jeff put on a great demonstration of operating like a real railroad that is actually generating revenue. His layout is well suited to operations.

The final layout on the tour was Andy and Pattie's. The photographer, David Palmeter, forgot to take pictures.

And we wrapped up with a very nice note from our bus guides, the Harrymans.

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