Hunter’s Christmas

Candyland Christmas Train

Bud And Nancy Hunter
with Olivia and Amelia

A Layout Around the Christmas Tree
Indiana Large Scale Railroaders Club

An excellent story and pictures from Bud. Christmas is certainly a special time with grandchildren.

“We finally got our Christmas Tree up this week, including the Christmas Train loaded with candy canes and Hershey kisses. When my granddaughters Olivia (5) and sister Amelia (4) came over for a visit today, they were excited to see the train run and wanted to re-decorate the train as it was running. 

The pictures show how things ended up (this was over an hour of FUN for them).”

Bud Hunter 12-12-2009

Bud Hunter Photo – Dec 2009

Bud Hunter Photo – Dec 2009

Bud Hunter Photo – Dec 2009

And here it is in motion:

Bud HunterVideo – Dec 2009

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