2009 Clark O Scale Tour


When it's Winter, checking out an indoor railroad seems like a great idea....

Mona and Warner Clark Open House
February 21, 2009

David Palmeter Photo - Feb 2009

Thanks from ILSR to the Clark's! Our surprising visit was a real eye-opener; the incredible fidelity to prototype amazed everyone. Let's let Mona and Warner tell us about this fantastic railroad:

Maumee Basin Lines

The Maumee Basin Line is composed of selectively compressed parts from three prototype railroads: 

  1. The First Subdivision of Nickel Plate Road's Clover Leaf District from Toledo to Continental, Ohio; (70 feet continuous loop operation)

  2. The Northern District of the Detroit Toledo & Ironton's lines between Malinta and Champion / Denson, Ohio (27 feet point to point operation); and

  3. The Ohio & Morenci Railroad's line between Champion, Ohio and Morenci, Michigan (98 feet point to point operation)

David Palmeter Photo - Feb 2009

The initial building effort is directed at the continuous loop NKP line, to be followed by the DT&I and finally the O&MRR.  All permanent track is hand laid to P48 standards, and using A.R.E.A. or NKP track plans. Rail is nickel silver with switch and crossing components by High Sierra and Right-O-Way. Code 138 rail is used on NKP and DT&I mains, while code 125 rail is used in sidings and secondary lines for both roads. Track switches are either #8 or 10. Curves without easements are 60" radius. Curves with spirals are 64" radius. Cross ties are made from bass wood, sized 7" X 9". All track is laid on two 1/2 inch sheets of Homosote.

David Palmeter Photo - Feb 2009

The O&MRR is a short line running over a former interurban railroad (Toledo & Western) which has had its overhead wire removed. The Line is hand laid track using code 100 rail and 6" X 8" bass wood ties. Switches are primarily #6 and main line curves are laid to a 52" min. radius. Street embedded trackage at Morenci will be code 148 with curves as tight as 40" radius. The O&MRR grade from Denson (lower level) to Morenci (upper level) is 4.4%.  When completed, all car load interchange between O&MRR and NKP will need to be routed via DT&I.

David Palmeter Photo - Feb 2009

Construction notes: Main level operation is at 39" off the floor; while the upper level is 58" off the floor. Over all size of 'L' shaped layout is 26.5 ft .by 19 ft. Power control will be provided by tether less NCE dec. Switches are Tortoise powered by manual hand throws. Couplers are San Juan AAR Type E couplers. All three lines are run under timetable and train order.   Layout operation represents decade between 1945 and 1955.

David Palmeter Photo - Feb 2009

We wish to recognize several friends who have contributed their ideas and skills to helping build the Maumee Basin Lines: Rich Bourgerie, Mike Calvert, Jim Canter, John Clark, Don Daily, John Eichman, Woody Grosdoff, Carl Jackson, Craig Pressler and Col. John Reid.

David Palmeter Photo - Feb 2009

The operation you will see covers the NKP line from the Continental Depot (clockwise) to Malinta, Turkey Foot Creek, Roseburg Pike, Maumee River, Telegraph Road (US 24), MC Junction (engine service facility), Gould Curve and finally the Toledo depot (same depot as found at origin). - Mona and Warner Clark   9.20.07

David Palmeter Photo - Feb 2009

David Palmeter Photo - Feb 2009

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  1. Guenther says:

    H David & Judy!
    Thank you for your efforts! Unfortunately Warner Clark didn`t respond.

  2. Guenther says:

    I'm Guenther from Germany, an Union Pacific fan and new in 0 scale.
    I found Warner Clark's layout here (!) and on "Reading's Shamokin Division's" website. George Losse from Reading's Shamokin Division told me to ask Warner Clark if I'd like to have some more infos about his layout-I wasn't able to find any information on the www.
    I'm also interested in Jeff Lang's layout. George told me to ask Warner Clark for infos on Jeff Lang's layout-maybe he can get me into contact with Jeff Lang.
    Maybe you can help me getting into contact with Warner Clark.
    Hopefully you can help me…

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