2010 Watts Open House

 October 30, 2010

The final official club event of 2010 was certainly entertaining and informative. After some club business was conducted, Dave Watts and Ross Buttrum put on an incredible demonstration of Gauge 1 locomotive pulling power.

President Mike reviewed 2010 and announced some new projects and the calendar for 2011. The turnout was good:

Dave Watts explained how he and Ross were up til 4 am getting the loco test device ready. Yes, almost all the locomotives on the table in front of them were tested.

He also talked about the state of LGB and some unusual inventory that he has (including Snoopy).

Then he and Ross started the testing with some small locos and got progressively larger. Live action below:

Video 1

Video 2

Then the really big iron was tested. And the winner is.......

....an LGB (oops, not LGB) it is a 1:32 scale MTH Hudson (thanks for the correction, Bud). It was the only engine to do a "full pull" - all the weights all the way to the top!

Complete test results HERE.

Thanks to Dave and Ross for a great day and a unique experience!

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