2012 Pizza Train Picnic

September 15, 2012 – Our not-quite-annual picnic this year was a trip to Tipton, Indiana on the Indiana Transportation Museum's Pizza Train. A good time and full tummy at the Pizza Shack was had by all.

Photos by David Palmeter

Above – Great turnout! We had enough people to have our own private rail car. It's blurry because the train, of course, was moving.

 Above – Listening intently to the pizza serving plan.

 Above – Pay attention, Bud, or you won't get any pizza.

 Above – ITM GP-9 #200, our northbound power.

 Above – Nickel Plate GP-7L #426, our southbound power. The good looking models are Karen, daughter Brooke and cousin Luke.

Above – Homeward bound, what a day!

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