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Bob and Judy Slusser

Indiana Large Scale Railroaders
Photos from Bob Posted March 6, 2010


    I began my outdoors garden railroad the spring of 2008 after reading about garden railroads the prior winter. The railroad was designed to be a temporary installation as I thought I would be moving by fall 2009 and the property is a rented apartment. I'm still at this location, but will probably be moving the fall of 2010. I'm a construction superintendent with a permanent home in Florida and move from place to place, as I'm assigned projects to complete.

   I purchased a starter set from Bachmann for $169.00, picked an HO scale layout, 4×8, from Model Railroader's plans and modified it, 18×32. The mainline run of 136 feet, folded dogbone. All is removable with no modification to the landscape when we leave, a few spots of grass seed will be required to repair the yard.

Power is track power, DCC with QSI sound installed in the locomotive, rolling stock is; three passenger cars, one caboose and nine assorted freight cars. Plans for 2010 are for the addition of some switches, buildings and maybe a water feature.

Bob Slusser

Below are pictures of my garden railroad (most of my 2009 pictures were lost thanks to a hard drive crash).

           10 may 08, 033 – the future railroad was staked out.

10 may 08, 034 – roadbed is being placed. Notice the BNSF train going past. My railroad is about 150 feet south of a double track N&S mainline on which trains run about every 10 to 15 minutes.

24 May 08, 005 – wood sub roadbed is complete ready for attachment to the ground.

14 June 08, 021 – wood sub roadbed has been installed to grade and track is being attached.

28 June 08, 016 – bridges are being installed and we are running trains.

July 08 – trestle over river is under construction. Mountains are window screen over stakes, painted and covered with vine plants. Additional pictures (below) are of the two through truss bridges on the railroad. These bridges were cut from plywood and painted; 2010 is their third winter and show no signs of delamination.

January 09 – snow scene, all operations have been suspended.

July 4th 09 – overall picture of railroad, some plants have taken hold, sedum and various low flowers at tracks and morning glories, these have not yet spread to cover mountains.

25 Sept. 09, 014, 015, 016, 017, the four pictures above, taken early evening, show some landscaping and 3D backdrops.

Excellent, Bob. It is particularly interesting to see the process involved with this unique "removable" railroad. David

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