Bruce Bowden Layout

B & BB Railroad

Indiana Large Scale Railroaders
Final Open House May 19, 2007
Photos and Captions by Bud Hunter

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From: Bud and Nancy Hunter
Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 6:07 PM
To: David Palmeter
Subject: Pictures of Bruce Bowden’s fantastic garden railroad in Connersville, IN.


Bruce had an amazing garden railroad at his Connersville home for several years. His last Club Open House was May 19, 2007 before he sold his house and dismantled the layout. I am enclosing some of the photos I took at this event. Hopefully you can use them for our Club website of former Club layouts.

  – Bud

Above – Bruce welcoming us to his “B&BBRR” in Connersville, IN.

Above – Bruce’s railroad featured three independent loops folded over each other and had over 1,000 feet of Aristo track, 7 tunnels, 3 ponds and 42 bridges and trestles.

Above – A K-27 steamer crossing this steel bridge. 

Above – Four different elevations are seen in this photo.

Above – This Santa Fe freight is following the “river route”.

Above – Beautiful attention was paid to the landscaping as seen on this pathway which leads to the “train depot” storage shed in the background.

Above – Meanwhile, a Shay locomotive is handling the “Logging” operation.

Above – Five different bridges are seen in this photo. This garden railroad was the only railroad in our Club to have been professionally designed and partially built by Paul Busse. Bruce did the rest of the work himself. Construction was started in 1999 and was operated until the end of May 2007.  The pictures, good times and memories still linger.

Bud Hunter

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