Fairgrounds Train Show Jan 2012

The 'World's Greatest Hobby on Tour' Train Show came to the Indiana State Fairgrounds for the first time since 2007. There were two buildings available for the show so the Indiana Large Scale Railroaders Modular Division turned out in force. All the active members had their modules on display. In addition to the photos below, there are photos added to each module owner's page. Be sure to check them all.

Apparently the show drew over 20,000 visitors the first day and 10 to 15,000 the second day. Many of the visitors were children and we lead off below with my favorite shot of the weekend, six little folks lined up waiting for the trains to come by. I think our hobby has a great future!

Below – Ooooops –

Another ooooops –

Yes, indeed, the future looks good….

Randy Banks did a series of videos at the show, you can see them HERE.

David Palmeter Photos

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