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The Westfield Railway

Indiana Large Scale Railroaders
Hobo II Open House September 12, 2011

Jeff's open house once again had a Hobo theme, which included an operating session demonstrating how a real railroad moves freight. And again, we had a great Hobo Stew dinner with Jeff's daughters and their families doing much of the cooking and party setup. After dinner we had an educational session with an explanation of railroad terminology. The evening entertainment ended with the 'Gandy Dancers' doing no dancing at all but making a brave attempt at singing. Choirmaster Bud tried hard but he had very little singing talent with which to work. Interesting renditions of 'I've Been Workin' on the Railroad' and 'Wabash Cannonball' were presented. Excellent evening, Jeff and family……


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  1. budhunt says:

    Lots of trains, great food, great company, live singing entertainment and a perfect 73 degree temperture.
    I counted 32 guests and it all made for a perfect evening for everyone. Thanks Jeff!  – Bud Hunter

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