Uno & Joan Magnuson Layout

From: Uno & Joan Magnuson
Sent: Friday, September 07, 2012 3:20 PM
To: david
Subject: Magnuson Garden RR

David–I finally finished the repair work and got my layout running.  Here are some photos I’ve taken.  My layout measures 10′ x 20′, has no name and is not modeled after anything.

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Thanks for taking the time to shoot and send the photos, Uno. I like the detailing and landscaping, you have created a very realistic railroad. David

2014/06/10 at 5:28 pm – You can add me to “The Gardens We Have Lost”. During the past few weeks I have totally dismantled my layout and we are in the process of returning that area to a small flower garden. The train layout was too much for me to maintain and this took the fun out of it.
Uno Magnuson

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  1. Uno – So glad to see you up and running again. You have a great, cozy, well detailed railroad that is of a manageable size and fits your size yard perfectly. I hope you ENJOY for many years to come!  – Bud Hunter

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