2017 Dues Deadline

2017 ILSR dues are due by March 25!!! Be sure you are paid up so that you don’t miss out on any of the new activities that are listed in the calendar

Great Train Expo

The Great Train Expo Feb 4-5 was a huge success for the modular group… They debuted their new yard layout which allowed 4 long trains to be staged and ready to run with a few throw outs and a transformer change!!! They had trains setup for the entire weekend and could run which ever train was requested by the audience. Thanks Bud for sharing some of your pictures :

Inside Yard Circus & Passenger trains passing Circus is coming to town

Ron Loudermilk Past VP

David Palmeter called Annette Loudermilk to find out how Ron was doing with his lung cancer and chemotherapy and she said that he passed away this morning (2/2/17). She also said since his diagnosis in December he had not been doing well. Ron was our VP for the years 2007/2008. Details…http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/ronald-loudermilk-obituary?pid=1000000183957538

Above is the web page link for Ron’s obituary information.