Rick & Marty Fair 2021 Open House

August is always hot and humid weather wise, so ideally we would want to schedule a railroad open house venue with as much shade as possible. Rick and Marty Fair’s garden railroad features almost total shade and lots of railroading activity to enjoy. Rick supervised the train operations while Marty supervised being hostess with plenty of chairs to sit down and enjoy conversation, ice tea, lemonade – plus a huge variety of tasty breads.

Rick’s main railroad features 3 mainlines curving around through bridges, tunnels and various trees and bushes. Both steam and diesel locomotives are in use. There is also A “pondless waterfall” railroad that loops itself around this waterfalls and can be rather spellbinding to watch in and of itself. For those folks that enjoy interurbans and trolley cars, there is one of these to watch as well that automatically reverses itself at each end of the Line. Thank you Rick and Marty for hosting our August event in your lovely, shaded side and back yard. – Bud

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